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Plastics & Cranial Facial

Plastics & Cranial Facial

Reconstructive Restoration Through Surgery

When a child is born with a deformity, pediatric surgeons at Florida Hospital for Children are there to correct it. Whether it's a skull, facial, cleft, ear, nasal or vascular deformity, our physicians have the skill and expertise to maximize your child's function and improve self-image with little to no long-term difficulties. We are the only craniofacial and cleft palate clinic in Central Florida to employ state of the art endoscopic procedures performed by both pediatric neurosurgical and plastic surgical doctors, each with at least 20 years experience.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Audiology
  • Dentistry
  • ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)
  • Genetics
  • Intra-operative CT and MRI
  • Minimally Invasive/Endoscopic Repair
  • Nutrition
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthodontia
  • Parent support group
  • Plastics
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Speech OT

The Quest for Advancement

We offer a robust surgical team with comprehensive sub-specialization. We are early adopters, and often times the pioneers, of advanced treatments where we utilize leading-edge equipment, techniques and care. This dedication to excellence in patient care has led us into new specialty areas, such as the Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement, a groundbreaking program dedicated to creating a nationally and internationally recognized center for pediatric surgical advancement. Our pediatric surgeons are regularly doing research to develop new and improved approaches and techniques for pediatric surgery. Moreover, we were the first in the region to introduce a dedicated Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Clinic.

Advanced Technology. Rapid Recovery.

As the first hospital in the region to introduce minimally invasive craniorepair Florida Hospital for Children offers a wide range of minimally invasive surgical procedures that will get your child back on his or her feet faster than ever before. Advancements in technology allow us to operate with tiny incisions in any area of surgical specialization with very successful outcomes. For your child, that means reduced pain, smaller scars and expedited recovery. For us, that means a job well done.

Improving a Child's Self-Image?

When a child is born with a deformity, surgeons at Florida Hospital for Children are there to correct it. Whether it's a cleft lip or palate, ear, congenital breast deformities, skull or facial deformities or nasal or vascular malformations, our doctors have the skill and expertise to improve your child's appearance and restore their self-image and key functions through an array of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

Repairing Injuries and Wounds?

When an accident, illness or birth defect causes a serious wound, scar or deformity, you can count on Florida Hospital for Children to repair the damage with state-of-the-art surgical and recovery techniques. We have the experience to treat virtually any known injury or condition a child has with plastic surgery, including the most complex reconstructive surgery and cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic Corrections That Are More Than Skin Deep?

While the repair of a wound or deformity may just be skin deep, the self-confidence that comes from being able to lead a normal life runs very deep in a child. The surgeons at Florida Hospital for Children understand that even the most basic plastic surgery can have a tremendous impact on a child, giving them a better self-image, improved health and a positive outlook on life. Their caring and compassion for the child during surgery and recovery can only be matched by their skill and experience.

The skill to heal. The spirit to care.