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Project Adam

Project ADAM Florida

Project ADAM® arose from a series of sudden deaths among high school athletes in Southeastern Wisconsin. The project began through the joint efforts of the Lemel family, David Ellis, and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. David was a friend of Adam Lemel, a 17-year-old Whitefish Bay High school student who collapsed and died during a basketball game and Project ADAM® (Automated Defibrillators in Adam's Memory) was formed.

Florida Hospital has affiliated with Project ADAM® in Wisconsin, in order to bring this program to our state. Project ADAM® Florida has the same goals : to prepare schools to handle sudden cardiac arrest event by helping them start an active Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) program.

A delay of only 10 minutes from the onset of ventricular fibrillation results in virtually no chance of survival... CPR alone will no treat ventricular fibrillation.

AEDs make it possible to provide lifesaving defibrillation rapidly and effectively.

About Us/Our Mission

Project ADAM® is a not-for-profit program whose mission is to serve children and adolescents through education and deployment of life-saving program that help prevent sudden cardiac arrest. Schools and other areas where large groups of children and adolescents gather are the targeted geography.

Project ADAM® provides a pediatric cardiac advisory committee to implement a unique program for sharing the most current data and information on sudden cardiac arrest incidents. This ultimately will lead to medical research that will prevent sudden cardiac arrest.

Project ADAM® provides leadership experience and expertise as a community, state and national resource. The program is a catalyst for creating partnership and exchanging information, thereby helping to advocate for the health and well-being of children.

Project ADAM® delivers superior value to its philanthropic supporters through exceptional fiscal stewardship, which maximizes the impact of contributed funds in addressing the health care concerns of children. Support for Project ADAM® is through public and private funding sources.

Our Vision

Project ADAM® is committed to making automated external defibrillators universally available to all children and adolescents by being the national resource for implementing pediatric public access defibrillation programs, as well as working to eradicate sudden cardiac death in children through research, education and prevention initiatives.

Project ADAM® Florida is committed to helping schools implement and sustain an active Public Access Defibrillation Program, from conceptualization and planning for your school, to assistance with acquiring training in CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) use.

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Learn About the Program

Project ADAM® Florida offers:    

A comprehensive program manual and CD, providing you with a step-by-step description of activities necessary to develop a PAD program. The manual includes an outline for fundraising, program development, forms, worksheets, and continuing education practice scenarios. The CD help you present program information to interested parties and to help identify students who may b a risk.

  • Consultation with professionals who have implemented PAD programs. Project ADAM® Florida staff is available to provide assistance with training acquiring AED devices and working with local emergency medical service to secure medical directors.
  • Support to make the program self-sustaining.
  • The distinction of being part of a national research project.

Your commitment to Project ADAM® Florida is important. By participating, Project ADAM® Florida requires you:

  • Implement your program based on the Project ADAM® Florida model.
  • Reference Project ADAM® Florida when talking or writing about your AED program.
  • Report the progress of your program to the Project ADAM® Florida Coordinator
  • Inform the Project ADAM® Florida Coordinator of any events in which the AED was used.

Community Partners/How to Become One

Want to become a community partner? We welcome the opportunity to work with you! Please call 407/925-4660 for more information on how you can impact Project ADAM® Florida.

Project ADAM® Florida wishes to thank all our Community Partners! Your continued support and commitment will further our endeavors for Florida.

  • Ajmal Z. Ali, Philps
  • American Health Association
  • Stuart Berger, MD, Project ADAM® Wisconsin
  • Tony Donato, Osceola County School District
  • Aimee Gironimi, Project ADAM® Wisconsin
  • Valerie Harville, Brevard County Schol District
  • Joe Hanson, Avan Tech/Medtronic
  • George McClatchey, St. John's County School District
  • Eileen McGatlin, Seminole County Lead School Board    Nurse
  • Pan American Medical Association of Central Florida
  • Joe Sunday, Fire Department, City of Melbourne,    Brevard County
  • Trent Fortner, Trent Fortner and Associates
  • Parent Heart Watch
  • Zoll
  • Jessica Clinton MVP Foundation
  • Cardiac Science
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