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  • Josh

    was a typical 3 year old with a troubled kidney and a worried twin sister. Dr. Keating helped both 

  • Kids

    are kicking diabetes while playing, running and jumping their way to a healthy 100. Healthy100 Kids Program 

  • Dr. Signer

    began treating kids here before there was a hospital, or even a Walt Disney World. See how we've grown

Featured Campaigns

  • Unparalleled
    Network of Care

    Florida Hospital for Children doctors and care are available at 22 hospitals, 23 urgent care locations and 3 regional clinics. Learn More

  • Comprehensive
    Heart Center

    Find big care for tiny hearts with advanced, life-saving treatments and access to one of the nation’s leading cardiac centers. Play Video

  • Level IV
    Epilepsy Center

    Our team is setting the standard in pediatric epilepsy care to improve and even cure challenging cases of epilepsy. Play Video

  • Pediatric

    Watch how doctors, nurses, and specialists are making a difference in of one of the world’s most unique hospitals. Learn More

  • Pediatric
    Surgical Specialists

    Nationally known for our pediatric surgery program, we are a world leader in minimally invasive procedures for kids. Learn More

  • Orthopedics
    Like No Other

    With vast expertise in musculoskeletal systems, we treat the complex injuries and conditions that affect them. Learn More

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The skill to heal. The spirit to care.