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Cervical Cancer

Survivability of Cervical Cancer

As with most cancers, the earlier the diagnosis is made and treatment begins, the better the prognosis for cervical cancer. Indeed, the five-year survival rate for women diagnosed with early invasive cervical cancer is 93 percent, according to the National Cancer Database. However, that survival rate steadily declines by stage: in Stage IB, a woman’s chances of surviving at least five years are 80 percent; by Stage IIIA, it’s 35 percent, and by Stage IVB, it’s 15 percent.

Thus, the importance of early diagnosis cannot be stressed enough. According to the American Cancer Society, since the 1950s, as Pap smears have become more prevalent in the United States, the death rate from cervical cancer has declined by more than 70 percent.

Locations for Cervical Cancer