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Central Venous Catheter

Treatments Related to Central Venous Catheter

Each patient requires unique care according to his or her condition, the overall health and the health goals. Other related treatments to central venous catheter include better care for specific patients and improving the quality of life. Doctors can work with patients to determine the best treatment plan available.
These are some of the other treatment options that may be recommended depending on the patient:
  • Peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC line)
  • Central venous catheter and port
  • Portacath, groshong catheter, Quinton catheter
To find out why each instrument/procedure may be recommended for you over other treatments, Florida Hospital encourages patients to speak to their doctor to fully understand the procedure before undergoing surgery. To speak to one of our experts, contact our team today.

Locations for Central Venous Catheter