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Hereditary and Genetic Syndromes

Knowing Your Family History Could Help You Prevent Cancer

Florida Hospital Celebration Health specializes in the detection, treatment and ongoing management of hereditary and genetic cancer syndromes. We believe in a collaborative, wholistic approach to your care with an emphasis on long-term monitoring of your condition. We call this our Continuum of Care. And it's what will put your mind at ease, knowing your health is being managed by expert hereditary and genetic syndrome physicians who know what it takes to stay ahead of the disease you are fighting or for which you are at risk.

Our Continuum of Care includes cancer genetic testing and counseling, hereditary cancer syndrome management, ongoing surveillance and screenings, and a team of leading physicians specializing in risk reducing, combined and robotic surgeries if needed.

If you are diagnosed with a hereditary cancer syndrome, management of cancer risks include:

  • Increased cancer screening
  • Medication to reduce the risk of cancer
  • Risk-reducing surgery
  • Discussion with at-risk relatives about genetic testing

Risk factors for an inherited cancer syndrome in your family include:

  • Cancer diagnosed under the age of 50
  • Multiple primary tumors in the same individual (e.g., diagnosed with colon and uterine cancer, bilateral breast cancer, etc.)
  • Multiple family members in several generations on the same side of the family diagnosed with cancer
  • Multiple family members on the same side of the family diagnosed with the same type of cancer
  • Certain rare tumors (e.g., medullary thyroid cancer, male breast cancer, etc.)
  • A blood relative with a known mutation
  • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry

Meet the Team

Aileen Caceres, MD, MPH, FACOG, is board certified and fellowship trained in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Caceres has an undeniable passion for disease prevention and has received extensive training in genetics from City of Hope. She believes in wholistic care and has collaborated to offer a thorough continuum of care at Celebration Health. She is the current Medical Director of the Center for Hereditary and Genetic Syndromes at Celebration Health.    

Contact the Hereditary and Genetic Syndromes Professionals

If you think you may be at risk for hereditary and genetic cancer, the team at the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Center for Hereditary and Genetic Syndromes would like to hear from you. Contact our care coordinator at (407) 303-4476.