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It's estimated that one our of every six couples have trouble conceiving. The cause of infertility can be a number of things, from endometriosis, genetic conditions and low sperm count to obesity, sexually transmitted diseases and ovulation disorders.

Four main factors affect fertility: a failure to produce eggs or sperm, the inability to get the egg and healthy sperm close enough to cause fertilization, a failure of a fertilized egg to attach itself to the lining of the uterus and the ability to carry a baby to full term.

In cases of infertility, 40% are due to the male. Of the remaining 60%, 25% of all infertility issues are due to obstructions in the fallopian tubes, 20% are caused by ovarian dysfunction, 5% are due to cervical issues, 1% are caused by abnormalities of the uterus and the remaining 9% have no known cause.

If you are under 30 and haven't been able to get pregnant after trying for a year (or six months if you are over 30), you should see your doctor at Florida Hospital Celebration Health to discuss your infertility issues. Your doctor will perform an examination and discuss the issue of fertilization and conception with you, developing a plan that meets your individual needs.