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Jul 23

Robotic Brain Surgery To Help Parkinson's Patients

Parkinson's patients have a new option to help stop tremors and improve mobility in their arms and legs.

Jul 23

Sentinel Editorial Board's Central Floridian Of The Year 2013

Sentinel Editorial Board's Central Floridian of the Year 2013

Nov 21

Stopping Tremors In Alzheimer's Patients With A Surgical Robot

Parkinson's patients find relief for tremors with a surgical robot.

Jun 6

New Guidelines For Prostate Screening Tests

The United States Preventative Task Force issued a recommendation in May 2012 that PSA screenings for prostate cancer are unnecessary. Dr. Vipul Patel, Urologic Oncology Director at Celebration Health at Florida Hospital is adamantly opposed to the task force's recommendation.

Mar 30

Florida Hospital World-class Cancer Treatment

At one time, cancer was feared. Today, it is fought. As one of Florida's most comprehensive oncology programs, we treat more newly diagnosed cancer patients than any other health care system in the state.

Mar 29

Florida Hospital's 100 Year Journey. Our Story And Our Mission

Our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ is reflected in all we do. Our goal is to continue to heal the mind, body and spirit -- to millions of people here in Florida and worldwide.

Mar 28

Nicholson Center Medical Innovation And World-class Surgical Training

NC’s training and education institute disseminates leading-edge surgical knowledge and techniques to the global community.

Mar 12

Nicholson Center

Our 54,000 square foot facility in Central Florida features state-of-the-art surgical suites and simulation labs, giving physicians and surgeons hands-on experience with current and emerging technologies.

Jan 30

Florida Hospital Global Robotics Institute

At the Global Robotics Institute, we have assembled the top robotic surgeons and staff to provide our patients with unparalleled world-class health care.

Jan 24

Celebration Health Doubles In Size With New Patient Tower

Celebration Health's new patient tower is enhancing the patient experience through innovation and technology.