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Obesity Medicine and Surgery Institute

Why Choose Our Program

Why Our Obesity Program is Different

Celebration Health Obesity Medicine and Surgery Institute is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program specializing in treating complex obesity and related disorders for every age group.

Today, obesity medicine is far more advanced than it has ever been. New insights into the physiology and environmental factors that can cause obesity, as well as new FDA-approved medicines and procedures, give us more weapons to combat the disease.

We are a scientifically driven clinical practice with a team of experts that works closely with the top doctors, clinicians and support services within Celebration Health. Together, we treat the three main components of weight management:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Maintenance
  • Weight Regain

The strategies and treatments we use at each stage go beyond the common thinking of “diet and exercise” you may have been previously prescribed, but in fact, this approach is only effective for a small percentage of people.We uncover the many complex factors that may be contributing to your obesity. This allows us to develop an individualized treatment plan that gives you the best chance of overcoming it.