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Obesity Medicine and Surgery Institute

Obesity Research

Celebration Health is a leading research hospital. Plus, the Obesity Medicine and Surgery Institute actively participates in ongoing research to help advance our knowledge in the prevention and treatment of this complicated disease.

Current collaborative research partners include:

  • Florida Hospital Celebration Health
  • Florida Hospital Nicholson Center
  • Translational Research Institute in Orlando, FL
  • Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Institute in Boston, MA

We recognize that research and education are important components of scientific progress and excellence in obesity care. We highly encourage our patients to learn about and participate in our ongoing efforts in these areas. As our patient, you also benefit from the medical research coming out of our research partnerships. Research volunteers not only may be helping others in the future who are battling obesity, but may also have access to leading-edge treatments and medications not yet available to the general public.

If you would like to learn more about participating in our research studies, please contact (407) 303-4986 for more information.