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Obesity Medicine and Surgery Institute

How We Treat You

Celebration Health treats a patient’s mind, body and spirit individually and together. Our program includes a specially trained care coordinator that, along with our expert obesity team, is here to provide you support every step of the way.

There are three treatment tracks we use to treat obesity, based on our evaluation of your individual contributing factors.

Evaluation Stage

You will meet with a dietitian/nutritionist, physiologist psychologist and clinical pharmacy resident. Each will administer tests and ask you a lot of questions. This is so we can get a clear understanding of your lifestyle and present health situation. These questions will include the weight loss strategies you’ve tried in the past, any medicines or supplements you have taken or are taking presently, different aspects of your lifestyle and diet, and much more.

On the next visit, you will meet with Gitanjali Srivastava, MD, Medical Director of Obesity Medicine, for a complete medical/clinical evaluation. With this information, the team will discuss your case in-depth to devise intensive treatment options and a plan of action. This can include any combination of behavior modification, dietary changes, physical activity, anti-obesity medications and in certain situations, weight loss surgery. Dr. Srivastava will also assign a clinical team dedicated specifically to your case to follow and support you through your complete patient experience.

Lifestyle Track

Most patients begin here, with our intensive lifestyle track known as LOTUS (Lifestyle Obesity Treatment Umbrella System) to help get on the right course for treatment. POWER (Program for Obesity Wellness Energy & Revitalization) and our maternity Mommy & Me program are part of the LOTUS track. This is not just diet and exercise. It’s important to the success of our patients to uncover the specific environmental and physical triggers that are contributing to their obesity. With this knowledge, we can begin to further refine their individualized treatment plans to have the greatest chance of success.

Medicine Track

New and emerging prescription obesity medications are proving effective for certain patients when used as part of a full treatment plan. Our staff includes pharmacology specialists to determine the most effective medicines to help achieve patients’ plan goals. If patients are eligible for prescription obesity medications, they will be monitored closely and in consultation with Dr. Gitanjali Srivastava.

Surgical Track

In severe obesity cases where a patient’s health is at the greatest risk, depending on their evaluation or lack of effectiveness in other tracks, weight loss (bariatric) surgery may be the most effective treatment for their obesity. In these cases, we would refer you to our bariatric surgeryprogram team and continue to work closely with them to ensure your needs and well being before, during and after surgery.

This top surgical program has successfully treated thousands of patients. And after a demanding site inspection and extensive research, the program was named an American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence. This designation is awarded by an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of bariatric and metabolic surgical care worldwide  

Mommy & Me Program

One of the most common factors contributing to obesity in women is pregnancy. Mommy & Me clinics specialize in the prevention and treatment of obesity during pregnancy. We also closely monitor both mother and baby into the infant and toddler years to ensure ongoing health and proper weight.