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Seaside Imaging

Florida Hospital Celebration Health is committed to changing the way you experience health care. We feel the key to helping patients overcome their anxiety and discomfort is to create a healing environment that replaces traditional settings.

This is the premise behind Seaside Imaging. This peaceful virtual beach is designed to immersse our guests in a relaxing experience and furthers our dedication to providing a healing environment.

Hallways and flooring are designed to look like beachfront boardwalks. Walls are covered in relaxing, three dimensional beach-themed murals. Patients sit in Adirondack chairs, beach cabanas replace ordinary changing booths and Surfer shorts, a top and a terry robe are worn in place of hospital gowns. The imaging equipment has been built to resemble a large sand castle. Patients entering the "sand castle" for MRIs and CTs are surrounded by the sound of ocean waves and the smell of fresh ocean spray.

The Future ... Today
Seaside Imaging at Celebration Health is a technology advanced imaging center. Digitized images can be transmitted electronically to appropriate specialists for immediate review. Images are available to patients and their physicians on a CD which can be viewed on any personal computer. Physicians have quick, secured access to their individual medical records via the Internet. The immediate availability of exam images for viewing purposes gives your physician and our staff the ability to make critical health care decisions better and faster.

Seaside Imaging is part of the overall Florida Hospital Radiology Network. All physicians and staff at the Seaside Imaging hold the appropriate credentials for their positions. With a focus on "high touch" as well as "high tech," our team of dedicated professionals are ready to meet your every need.

Scheduling Your Exam
If you or someone you know could benefit from the healing environment at Seaside Imaging, call (407) 303-4111 today to make an appointment, or to obtain more information.