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Fitness Center and Day Spa

Of course, one of the best preventative health measures is activity and proper exercise through a professionally designed and prescribed program.

The Fitness Centre and Day Spa at Florida Hospital Celebration Health offers you a medically based exercise facility that is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health. Working with your doctor, personal trainers can craft a customized plan that will slowly and sensibly burn off fat and build muscle. The centre includes state-of-the-art fitness and exercise equipment, a spa, sauna, steam room and a 25-meter, five-lane pool.

The personal trainers at the Fitness Centre & Day Spa at Celebration Health are some of the finest in the area and will work with you individually or in small groups to help you develop and maintain an effective exercise program that will move you beyond those stubborn plateaus and re-energize you with safe workouts designed specifically to achieve noticeable results.

Regardless of your personal goals, our personal trainers can motivate you, providing you with inspirational guidance, encouragement and professional advice along the way. Following their sensible plan, you will start shedding pounds in no time and the mirror will reflect a brand new you. Click here to see a virtual tour.

Want to Know More? Visit the Celebration Health Fitness Centre & Day Spa website