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Personal Training / Small Group Training

We Make Training Personal

We understand your fitness needs are as unique as you are. That’s why our degreed, certified and experienced personal trainers work with you to develop a training program specific to your health and wellness goals.

When you sign up with one of our personal trainers, you will begin a challenging journey that will change your outlook and build confidence. Our personal trainers and exercise physiologists will help you reach your goals safely and more efficiently with expert guidance and advice.  Our personal trainers will empower you, support you and motivate you to achieve your personal goals. 

Full Training Sessions
Custom designed 50-minute programs tailored to your specific fitness goals. Your trainer guides you through each workout session motivating you to not only train harder, but also smarter. Perfect for the client new to exercise those with specific fitness goals in mind, clients needing specialized recovery or rehabilitative training that demand the attention working 1-on-1 provides. Available to members and non-members.  Please call for pricing details.

Express Training Sessions
Effective and efficient fitness training that fits your busy, 24/7 lifestyle. These 25-minute sessions provide optimal results utilizing full-body exercise programs.

The benefits of personal training include:

  • Develop a personalized fitness program with realistic goal setting
  • Personal Trainers serve as a coach, role model and source of motivation
  • Specialized attention for medical conditions including post-surgery or injury recovery

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Small Group Training

Small Group Training (SGT) programming is currently being developed. Stay tuned for more information.