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Genetic Fitness Profile

Can your genes affect the way your body responds to diet and exercise? Science says yes.

Know more. Live better.

The Fitness Centre & Day Spa at Celebration Health has partnered with Pathway Genomics® to provide you with access to a wealth of information stored in your DNA -- your genetic fitness profile. A simple, non-invasive saliva test delivers a comprehensive report that, along with our in-depth medical interpretation, can help you make more informed decisions about diet, exercise and more.

Diet and Nutrition
You are able to gain insights into how your body may process sugars, fats, nutrients and vitamins. You can also learn how your genes might affect how you perceive and desire specific foods, and how they may influence eating behaviors.

Exercise and Body Weight
What’s more, our Pathway Fit package screens for muscle potential and how your body responds to exercise, as well as your potential to maintain a healthy weight and those genetic markers associated with metabolism.

Discover the science of you today! Call (407) 303-4624 or email for current packages and pricing.  

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