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Exercise Specialist Services

Achieve Your Unique Vision of Health & Wellness

Between elite athletes and the average person, everyone always has room for improvement when it comes to their health and fitness levels- ranging from improving overall wellness to sports performance training or those who have various medical conditions requiring specialized rehabilitation programming.  
Appointments take between 30-90 minutes and services include:

Fitness Assessments & Exercise Program Development

We will conduct baseline biometric measurements including blood pressure, resting heart rate, body composition, functional movement and muscular endurance analysis. A complete review of those results will determine a customized exercise program tailored to your specific health and wellness needs. (Program and Program walk through completed on a separate day.) 

Body Composition Analysis

We will measure how much of your body is composed of fat tissue versus lean body mass (bone, muscle, skin, organs) and calculate your potential risk category. Body fat is more of an indicative measure of risk because body fat not only disrupts the normal functioning of your metabolism but also leads to several degenerative conditions in the body.

Functional Movement Screenings

Functional Movement Screening is used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality in individuals with no current pain complaint or known musculoskeletal injury. These movement patterns are designed to provide an observable performance of basic loco motor, manipulative and stabilizing movements by placing an individual in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate mobility and motor control are not utilized.  

Metabolism Testing for Weight Loss

A simple, non-invasive breathing test will estimate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) by calculating the amount of oxygen inhaled to the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled. The more oxygen your body uses, the higher your BMR. If your metabolism falls below normal BMR norms, there are ways to increase it to facilitate weight loss.

Postural Assessments

A combination of static and functional postural movements will exploit any muscle imbalances going on in your body. Learn what muscles are overactive and underactive. Corrective exercises plan created specific to your imbalances. These will be demonstrated and given to you in order to help realign your posture to create a healthier you.