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Healthy Weight

Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery

It’s Time You Got Lasting Results

Losing weight and keeping it off can be very difficult for many people. And for those who have obesity, it can be much harder. The struggle with weight and the inability to maintain a positive self-image can further undermine the ability to live a full and active life. For some, it feels like an unending struggle.

The latest diets and weight loss products on the market also seem almost endless. Maybe you’ve tried one or even several on your own, yet you don’t understand why you still can’t get rid of or keep the weight off. Some of these diets can even have some good points about them. However, medical research has shown that most people who lose weight simply by dieting will put it back on within two years. Still others can damage your health if you are not careful.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Overweight and taking high dosages of insulin or diabetes medications
  • Seeking 5-10% weight loss prior to undergoing fertility treatment
  • Need to lose weight before elective surgery (such as knee surgery)
  • Overweight or obese, have tried many programs and continue to fail to lose weight
  • Used many dietary products in the past and have either not lost any weight, or did lose weight and gained it all back
  • Pregnant and experiencing maternal obesity
  • Gained weight after taking a prescribed medication
  • New mother struggling with excessive weight gain from your pregnancy

Our team of highly trained obesity and metabolic specialists, nutritionists, pharmacists, exercise physiologists and psychologists can help you overcome even the most complicated situations to help you get back to a healthier you. As our patients lose weight, many of them experience an improvement or complete reversal of many other conditions, like high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility and more.