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Performing procedures ranging from injections to scoliosis correction, lumbar disc replacements and fusion techniques, facet replacements and motion preservation, our renowned spine surgeons are providing care for a wide range of patient needs. Our multidisciplinary approach brings doctors of different specialties together to help our patients achieve the best possible outcomes. Surgeons at Florida Hospital Carrollwood are on the cutting edge of their specialty; frequently involved in studies of new devices and implants that can help patients regain mobility and better manage chronic pain. In fact, they teach other surgeons the same results-proven techniques used at Florida Hospital Carrollwood.

Mazor Robot Assisted Spine Surgery

As part of our enduring commitment to excellence in patient care, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art technologies, including the Mazor Robot.  As the exclusive provider in the eight-county Tampa Bay area, our Mazor Spine Robot is one of the latest, most advanced surgical tools available in the treatment of scoliosis and complex spinal deformities. Its use is designed to improve surgical precision, turning what was once a freehand approach into a highly accurate procedure in which the robotic appliance is in a fixed position to eliminate unnecessary movements or tremors that naturally exist with the human touch.

If you’d like to make an appointment with a spine care specialists at Florida Hospital Carrollwood, call (813) 558-SPINE (7746), or request an appointment online