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Mission and Philosophy of Care

Our Mission and Philosophy of Care

Our mission at Florida Hospital Carrollwood is to extend the healing ministry of Christ to our community. This means that we work day and night to provide the best, most advanced medical care to our patients, in an compassionate environment that is focused on whole person's health – mind, body and spirit.

As part of the Florida Hospital system, we draw motivation and direction from six fundamental principles that guide how we treat both each other and the individuals we serve. These are:

  • Our Christian mission: We serve our community in accordance with Christ’s ministry of hope and healing. To this end, we strive to incorporate the Christian values of compassion and love at every level of service.
  • Focus on community wellness: We commit time, talent and financial resources to help educate our neighbors on the principles of illness prevention and healthy living.
  • Quality and service excellence: In all we do, we endeavor to meet or exceed both the service standards of the health care industry as well as the expectations of the patients we serve. We measure our success by continually surveying our patients’ satisfaction.
  • High ethical standards: We conduct our business with integrity, honesty and fairness. Our goal is to be faithful and responsible stewards of the resources with which we’ve been blessed. We use our financial resources wisely by choosing business practices that are cost-effective, productive and result in a fair return on investment.
  • Compassion: We are sensitive of the needs of the individuals and families we serve, and always seek to meet these needs with kindness and empathy.
  • Cultural diversity: We value the diversity of our patients, employees, colleagues and visitors, and will always treat them the same regardless of background, race, religion, culture or sexual orientation.

Philosophy of Care

At Florida Hospital Carrollwood, you come first. In everything we do, our expert team strives to provide compassionate, state-of-the-art care in an environment that respects the dignity of each patient and effectively uses cutting-edge resources to accommodate the needs of the whole person – mind, body and spirit. From physicians to our nurses to our staff members, we stress healthy, interdependent teamwork as the key to achieving quality care.

Our nurses’ relationship with their patients is a privileged, sacred trust. Our professional nursing practice is built on the American Nursing Association’s highest standards of care, nurses’ social and ethical responsibilities, professional practice roles, delegation practices, competency and caring. Our nursing philosophy is based on the principles of health and wellness that stem from our Adventist heritage of extending the healing ministry of Christ to our community. Our nurses adhere to a relationship-based care model, which is comprised of three crucial relationships: patient and family relationships, relationship with oneself and relationships with colleagues.

In conjunction with the Daisy Foundation, we are proud to recognize nurses who provide an exemplary level of care with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. This award is given four times a year to nurses who go above and beyond the call of duty, and who model our commitment to extending the healing ministry of Christ to our community.

The staff at Florida Hospital Carrollwood is tasked with creating a caring and healing culture, and are supported at all levels of our organization. In turn, our leaders support the mission and vision of Florida Hospital Carrollwood, solving problems creatively, acting with purpose, removing barriers to quality care, and consistently making patients, families and staff their highest priority.