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General Surgery


Florida Hospital Carrollwood is proud to offer comprehensive surgical services, including urgent, emergency and elective procedures for adults. Backed by our team of highly trained and experienced nurses, technicians and staff, the surgeons at Florida Hospital Carrollwood provide cutting-edge surgical care in our friendly, patient-centered atmosphere.

The fifth floor of our hospital is dedicated to our surgery patients: We have 25 private patient rooms, each specially designed to ensure the best possible post-op care. These rooms offer the latest technology and most advanced amenities, including the GetWell Network, which provides educational and entertainment resources to patients through the room’s television; the Patient C.A.R.E. Channel, which promotes restfulness and sleep; advanced, real-time pain monitoring; and 24-hour support from our engineers, housekeepers and IT specialists.

Because of our commitment to putting patients first, Florida Hospital Carrollwood was just the third hospital in the state of Florida to be recognized as HIMSS Level 7, the national gold standard for patient safety through the use of technology. Our systems improve the delivery of medicine and ensure that we never run out of critical materials, with rooms featuring bed alarms and smart pumps that deliver fluids, nutrients and medicines at precisely controlled rates.

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