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Cardiovascular Institute

Children's Heart Health

It’s comforting to know that you have one of the finest pediatric cardiac hospitals in the country available right here in Florida. At Florida Hospital for Children, a team of highly skilled pediatric cardiologists, pediatric interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists treat a wide range of heart conditions.

Plus, we’ve partnered with one of the nation’s leading pediatric congenital heart surgery programs – Johns Hopkins Children's Heart Surgery – to help bring the very best in children’s open heart surgery to Central Florida.

The Children’s Heart Center at Florida Hospital for Children has clinics throughout 10 Florida counties, offering ready access to the latest, most effective cardiac treatments and diagnostic tools, including a state-of-the-art hybrid catheterization lab just for pediatric patients. This allows surgeons to view updated images and scans of the heart during surgery without leaving the operating room.

If you’re a mother-to-be, our cardiac team can detect most infant heart conditions while you are still carrying your baby, allowing for treatment right after birth and continuing care at the Heart Center through adulthood.

The Children’s Heart Center is led by world-renowned pediatric cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Constantine Mavroudis.

It’s all part of our commitment to bringing you and your child the best in cardiac care.