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Treating more heart and vascular patients than any other health care provider in the U.S., Florida Hospital is nationally recognized for its work in improving the heart health of our surrounding communities. Our cardiac treatment hubs in Volusia, Orlando's Cardiovascular Institute, Celebration and Tampa's Pepin Heart Institute ensure that people across the state have access to the very best in heart care. Through the collaborative expertise between our uniquely trained cardiologists, nurses, therapists and researchers, our patients’ recoveries are exceeding expectations and national surgery standards. 

From preventative screenings and medication management to simple or complex operations and emergency care, the aim is to ensure your cardiovascular system is functioning at its optimal capacity.

Nationally Recognized for Our Expertise

Florida Hospital is one of the leading Centers of Excellence in the nation for cardiovascular health issues. Through education and prevention, leading-edge translational research and highly-specialized surgical procedures, we are a global pacesetter in the fight against cardiovascular disease. In fact, each year we continue to surpass national benchmarks with our outcome statistics. Because of our reputation and results, surgeons from around the world travel to our facilities to take part in our Center of Excellence training program, where they witness firsthand the groundbreaking techniques utilized by our physicians.

When the heart is beyond conventional repair, Florida Hospital offers the only heart transplant program in Central Florida.

A Leader in Clinical Research

To advance the treatment of cardiovascular care, Florida Hospital participates extensively in nationally- and internationally-recognized research studies. At the forefront of new techniques, technologies and procedures, these clinical trials allow patients to gain access to advanced therapies months, sometimes, before they become available to the general public.

Prevention Through Education

Florida Hospital firmly believes in educating the community on the warning signs of heart disease and how to take preventative measures. We offer free screenings, minimal charge screenings and free community lectures throughout the area. Our commitment goes far beyond diagnostic intervention though – we’re on a mission to help people learn the principals of healthy living and the healing properties of the mind, body, spirit connection.

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