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Cardiac Catheterization

Survivability of Cardiac Catheterization

While cardiac catheterization is a minimally invasive procedure, it’s important to remember it is a complex medical procedure. The survivability of cardiac catheterization depends on the specific procedure performed, the patient’s overall health and the underlying condition. 
After the procedure, there is usually a short recovery period. Most patients are able to go home the same day but some may require an overnight stay. The short term   prognosis of cardiac catheterization is sometimes difficult to assess. Some patients have an immediate recovery, and others take time to see the full benefits. Doctors will provide instructions on how to care for the catheter insertion site. Follow-up care and imaging tests may be required to monitor success of the procedure and the healing process.
The long-term prognosis for patients usually includes treatment for the diagnosed or underlying condition that causes the heart condition. It is important to understand that cardiac catheterization procedures usually do not cure the cause of the condition. Lifestyle changes, medications and surgery may be required to treat the underlying condition and reduce the patient’s risk of heart attack or stroke.

Locations for Cardiac Catheterization