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Cardiac Catheterization

Side Effects of Cardiac Catheterization

Even as a minimally invasive procedure, side effects of cardiac catheterization can occur. It is important to understand the risks and potential complications. Doctors at Florida Hospital work with patients to develop a treatment plan that fits the patients needs.
We give patients as much time as necessary to ask questions and fully understand the potential side effects of the treatment plan so he or she is equipped to make the best medical decisions possible.
Speak to your doctor about these possible side effects to determine your risks and what to expect during and after the procedure:
  • Bleeding/infection at the catheter site
  • Blood clots
  • Blood vessel damage at catheter site
  • Heart rhythm problems which usually subsides
  • Reduced blood flow to the heart tissue (ischemia)
  • Chest pain/heart attack
  • Damage to the kidneys due to the dye used
  • Rarely stroke

Locations for Cardiac Catheterization