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Cardiac Ablation

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Cardiac ablation is an advanced procedure used to treat patients with abnormal heart rhythms that do not respond to medications. The minimally invasive procedure uses an electrical probe that is passed from the groin into the heart to destroy problematic tissue. Florida Hospital offers this advanced procedure for qualified patients. Our cardiac care is some of the best in the country. Trust the world-renowned specialists at Florida Hospital to care for you and your family. Schedule an appointment online.

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One of the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures available to treat irregular heart rhythm, cardiac ablation uses an electrical probe to destroy problem areas of the heart. It is usually performed when the patient’s condition does not respond to medications that usually control irregular heart rhythms.  If not treated, it could be a serious, life-threatening situation.
During cardiac ablation (also called catheter ablation), a specialized, flexible catheter is inserted through a blood vessel in the arm, neck or groin. It is then threaded to the heart. During the procedure, doctors attach electrodes to specific parts of the heart so that they can monitor the irregular heartbeat. Areas of abnormal heart beats are then identified.
The electrical probe (sometimes laser or radiofrequency) is then used to destroy the problematic areas of the heart. A small scar forms, causing the heart rhythm irregularities to stop.
This cutting-edge procedure can save lives. If you suffer from irregular heart rhythms, see if cardiac ablation is the right treatment for you. Schedule an appointment at Florida Hospital today.

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