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Brain Tumor

Survivability of Brain Tumor

Surviving a brain tumor depends on many factors including the type, size and position of the tumor, the person’s age and general health, and the treatment options available. The condition is very serious blamed for the death of about 14,000 people each year. Whether the tumor is benign or malignant and how it responds to treatment all play a role. Survivability of a brain tumor is greatly improved when the growth can be completely removed. Malignant tumors present an additional challenge because they grow into surrounding tissue. Surviving becomes less likely for very young children and the elderly.

For many people surviving a brain tumor is only half the battle. Damaged nerves and brain tissue may result in a loss of motor skills requiring physical therapy to regain abilities. Speech and occupational therapy may be needed to assist with rebuilding cognitive areas and learning new ways to perform tasks.

Locations for Brain Tumor