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Brain Port Image-guided Brain Surgery

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Recent advances in medical technology have allowed doctors to perform brain surgeries more confidently and precisely at less risk to the patients. One of these advances is Brain Port Image-guided Brain Surgery, a procedure that uses a small needle and dilator to part the brain’s delicate fibers, giving the surgeon space to operate within the brain’s folds. If you need surgery to remove a tumor in the brain, talk to the specialists at the Florida Hospital Brain and Spine Cancer Program. These are among the foremost experts in this field, and are equipped with all the latest leading-edge technology, including Brain Port image-guided brain surgery. 

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Brain Port image-guided brain surgery is a newly developed, cutting-edge procedure that allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive brain surgery to remove tumors of the brain surface and ventricles. It works by using a small needle and dilator to gently part the delicate fibers within the brain and open up space to operate within the brain’s folds. Then, an endoscope is inserted through the Brain Port, giving surgeons a high-definition video image of the surgical area, and tiny surgical instruments are passed through the Brain Port to perform the surgery. Once the surgery is completed and the Brain Port is removed, the brain fibers have the ability to return to their normal state, reducing the risk of permanent tissue damage from the surgery, which is a sometimes a complication associated with traditional brain surgery.

Image-guided Brain Port surgery adds another layer of precision, using three-dimensional image-guided computer navigation systems to create a sort of GPS for the brain, giving surgeons the ability to perform the surgery even more safely and confidently. 

Locations for Brain Port Image-guided Brain Surgery