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Brain Aneurysm

Research and Clinical Trials for Brain Aneurysm

Significant amounts of research into brain aneurysm are sponsored by the U.S. government in the form of grants to medical institutions across the country. Scientists seek to expand their knowledge of the causes, related conditions, medications and surgical procedures involved in diagnosing and managing cerebral aneurysms.

Clinical trials being conducted on brain aneurysm include:

  • Use of nitric oxide which has shown it can reverse the brain artery spasm
  • Developing antibodies to molecules that cause vasospasm, a spasm that occurs after a brain aneurysm ruptures and causes arteries to constrict
  • Transluminal balloon angioplasty which inserts a small balloon into the affected artery to open a clot and restore blood flow
  • High-resolution x-ray technology to assist in surgery for brain aneurysms
  • Genetic studies to identify hereditary risk factors
  • Prevention methods for people at high risk of developing aneurysms
  • Improvements to surgical procedures and materials
  • Computer modeling to evaluate surgery for individuals

The Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute admits certain patients to clinical trial programs that open the door to new treatment options.

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