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Blood Pressure

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As the heart pumps, blood flows through the body’s vessels (arteries and veins). The force with which it flows is blood pressure. This force is measured by a blood pressure monitor during a blood pressure screening, also called a blood pressure check. A direct cause of both stroke and heart attack is hypertension (high blood pressure). Hypotension (or low blood pressure) can also cause a heart attack and other conditions. Monitoring and controlling blood pressure is vital to your health. Talk to a physician at Florida Hospital to learn what your “normal” blood pressure range is.

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Blood pressure screening measures the pressure of blood against the artery walls during a heartbeat. This results in two measurements: the pressure when the heart muscle contracts during a heartbeat (systolic pressure), and the pressure when the heart relaxes (diastolic pressure). The units of measurements used to determine blood pressure are millimeters of mercury, or “mm Hg.”

Blood pressure testing is a simple procedure and can be done in about a minute, either manually or electronically. During a manual procedure, you are seated and a cuff is placed around your upper arm. Your health care provider will then place a stethoscope on the inside of your elbow. The cuff will first tighten around your arm then slowly deflate while the health care provider listens through the stethoscope to obtain measurements.

Electronic blood pressure testing does not require a stethoscope or manual inflation/deflation. Many people are able to check their blood pressure at home using an electronic device.

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