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Communication and community. One doesn’t work very well without the other, so we strive to keep you and your family current with news about Florida Hospital, and the world of wellness abroad. Check back often to find out what’s happening on all of the Florida Hospital locations and throughout our health care network through our official blog.
  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Looking up!

    It is entirely normal in the course of your life to have moments of feeling overwhelmed by all that is happening in your life. Add on the unplanned and unexpected, and it is only human to feel a bit overwhelmed at times!

  • POSTED BY: Stephanie Wright

    Celebration Health Administrator Honored

    Celebration Health Administrator Monica Reed, MD, was recently honored by the Central Florida Urban League at its Second Annual Cornerstone Awards ceremony. 

  • POSTED BY: Leslie Potter

    Incision-less Brain Surgery at Florida Hospital Orlando

    For years Florida Hospital has led the way in innovative and minimally invasive techniques to help patients recover faster and avoid invasive surgeries. Florida Hospital now offers new equipment to help patients suffering from: brain tumors, acoustic neuromas, trigeminal neuralgia, and other brain disorders an even more precise treatment option, Leksell’s Gamma Knife® Perfexion™.

  • POSTED BY: Raquel Thompson

    Why I Walk

    According to the ADA, there are 26 million people diagnosed with diabetes and over 75 million people diagnosed with pre-diabetes it is becoming an epidemic.  For Krystle Nicely, participating in the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Step Out Walk to stop diabetes is a no-brainer.  Krystle now leads a team of walkers at the Florida Hospital Diabetes Institute and is looking forward to walking again on November 2, 2013 at Baldwin Park. 

  • POSTED BY: Jenna Tomaselli

    Overcoming Psoriasis

    When Pamela Hinkley’s five-month-old son David was diagnosed with psoriasis, she did not waste any time seeking help for his condition. “I saw every doctor and dermatologist there was to see in Orlando,” Pamela says.

    Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that causes cells to build up on the surface of the skin, leaving scaly red patches that can range in severity from mild irritation to painfully crippling.


  • POSTED BY: Hannah Bellew

    A Day in the Life of an Art Therapist

    At Florida Hospital for Children, we don’t just treat our patients physically; we strive to treat the whole child as well as their family. Our music therapypet therapy, spiritual ambassador, child life and art therapy programs all support the emotional and developmenta l sides of the families we care for.  Are you interested in becoming a Florida Hospital for Children Volunteer? Click here to learn more!

  • POSTED BY: Alex Beasley, Guest Blogger, Medical Writer and Editor

    Wonders for your Wellness

    Having joy and fulfillment in your life does wonders for your wellness, and it is one of the goals of Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 program.

  • POSTED BY: POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Flipping the switch

    Years ago, before moving to Kansas, I had never used a sprinkler system but was intrigued when the home we purchased listed one as part of the property. The first summer was really hot and while I could see the sprinkler heads on the left side of the lawn, the other half, on the right side of the drive way, seemed barren of sprinkler heads and green grass. I watered the lawn by hand for two long seasons.

  • POSTED BY: Sydney Hirst

    Florida Hospital Teams Up with the Magic for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Florida Hospital is teaming up with the Orlando Magic to take breast cancer awareness to the next level and honor breast cancer survivors at the same time.  You can make a difference too by just going to the game!

  • POSTED BY: Hannah Bellew

    The Healing Power of Man’s Best Friend

    Meet Teddy, a furry member of the Florida Hospital for Children volunteer team. Teddy and has been coming to the hospital on a regular basis since 2010 to bring some extra cheer and love to our patients during their stay.

    I recently got to meet Teddy while he was out on his rounds and had the opportunity to ask his best friend and owner, Sharon, a few questions about their work at the hospital:

  • POSTED BY: Raquel Thompson

    Amy’s Breast Cancer Story

    The following is a true story about Amy, a Florida Hospital employee, and her fight against breast cancer through her eyes.  August 6th 2011, I noticed an indentation on my breast as I was getting into the shower. I told myself that it was normal and that I was just freaking myself out for nothing - but I could not shake the nagging feeling that I needed to get it checked out.

  • POSTED BY: Katherine Reed, MD

    The Power of Pink

    Every October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women are reminded of the importance of early detection and annual mammograms. But how many of us actually follow through on this advice? How many times do we say “I’ll get my mammogram done next year”?

    The numbers for breast cancer survival are encouraging. With early detection aided by advances in imaging, women are surviving breast cancer in increasing numbers and moving forward with their lives.

  • POSTED BY: Samantha Stinson

    My Mom’s Mammogram

    “Mom, one in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer.  American Cancer Society recommends a yearly screening mammogram starting at age 40…” I don’t think I stopped until I had to inhale. If you or someone you love is due for their screening mammogram, call (407) 303-7500 or visit

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Down but not out!

    It is interesting how you and I can apply a lesson to our daily life from a story about a sports event with which we might not even be familiar! We call all take an example from the America's Cup winning team, who were down 8-0 in the best of 9 series.

  • POSTED BY: Leslie Bradley

    When to Ask Questions about Your GYN Health

    Women deal with so many variables in their gynecologic health. It is important to know which questions to ask, but also to know how to get these questions answered. Many women go through hysterectomies, gynecologic surgeries and the life-threatening diagnosis of cancer with no one to answer their questions beyond treatment and surgery. Yes, the clinical questions and concerns are important, especially before treatment or surgery. But other questions, such as the ones regarding hormones, pain, hair loss and many other side effects are a sensitive subject for many women and are just as important.

  • POSTED BY: Alex Beasley, Guest Blogger, Medical Writer and Editor

    Don’t be Burned by Your Fears

    Overcoming self-doubt, taking chances and testing boundaries are how we gain confidence and move forward. Personal growth can lead to greater happiness and satisfaction, hallmarks of Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 initiative.

  • POSTED BY: Marie Ioime

    Foodie Fare: Party Hearty Without the Guilt

    Three great dips and other easy recipes that won’t leave you with “snacker’s remorse.” Check out these easy recipes and watch the episode at Healthy 100 Videos  for more party snack tips.

  • POSTED BY: Alex Beasley

    Don’t be Burned by Your Fears

    Sometimes our individual paths can seem to be lined with hot coals. The key is learning that it’s not our perceptions but rather our fears that usually burn us.
    Overcoming self-doubt, taking chances and testing boundaries are how we gain confidence and move forward. Personal growth can lead to greater happiness and satisfaction, hallmarks of Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 initiative.

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Priorities from a jar

    “Priorities From a Jar” has a powerful message for people like you and me who stuff so much into our days that a little crisis can mess it all up.

  • POSTED BY: Alex Beasley, Guest Blogger, Medical Writer and Editor

    Make Someone’s Life Amazing

    The quality of our relationships with spouses, partners, family and friends directly affects our outlook. The more we nurture those relationships, the happier and healthier we feel.

  • POSTED BY: Dr. David Biebel

    Why Your Church Needs to Be Living to a Healthy 100

    The Healthy 100 Church Ministry at Florida Hospital provides medically reliable, biblically sound resources including training for those wishing to launch a health ministry in their church. The Ministry facilitates social networking exclusively for Healthy 100 Churches, where leaders can learn from what works for others and share their own creative ideas for developing health-centered ministries and health-oriented community outreach.

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    How to Alleviate Poverty In Your Home

    While we should all do what we can to help those in need within both our local and global communities, we shouldn’t let the inaccessibility of the mission field hinder our passion to help people. One opportunity to help spread Christ’s love is Florida Hospital’s conference Called to Flourish  on September 20. Max Lucado will be leading a team of health and wellness speakers in a mission to help people extend the love of Christ. In his words: “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40 (NIV)

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    How Forgiveness Can Save Your Life

    Anger can literally kill you, just like it kills others every day. Anger is often disguised by its symptoms, which include heart disease, depression, and histories of unhealthy and fragile relationships. A question worth asking is: Do you feel that you are an angry person? When confronted with this question, many of us will genuinely feel that we are not angry, but closer examination often reveals the contrary. Called To Flourish speaker Dr. Dick Tibbits, in his book Forgive to Live, states that quite often anger is the source of a plethora of problems.

    Dr. Tibbits will be speaking at the Called to Flourish conference on September 20th on how to reframe this grievance story so that the bad event is seen in a larger context and anger can be vanquished by forgiveness. Other speakers at this full-day conference include Dr. Sandy Shughart, Dr. Herdley Paolini, Dr. Des Cummings, Pastor Steve Reynolds and best-selling author Max Lucado.

  • POSTED BY: Alex Beasley, Guest Blogger, Medical Writer and Editor

    What’s on Your Bucket List?

    Garry and Christine Welsh had been considering ways to give back to their community. But then the unexpected happened, and suddenly there was no question about how they would help others.

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    Claim Your Bod for God

    Do you think you’re physically healthy? Do you think you’re spiritually healthy? Do you think the first two questions have anything to do with each other? Most people don’t. But the growing trend is for these questions to be seen as just parts of a bigger question: are you healthy? Statistically, American Christians have the highest instances of obesity when compared with other religions. 

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Ditch digging

    Ditch digging can be really tough work. You never know what kind of material you will run into—rocks, clay, roots, gravel, water…
    Just like you work each day, you really don't know what kind of situation you will face. It changes from room to room, and from hour to hour. Do you need to stop to climb out of the ditch you're digging to gain perspective and allow your spirit to catch up? 

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    How To Become the Authentic Leader That You Were Meant to Be

    Do you want to be an effective leader? Whether you are a leader at your workplace, your church or your home, join us to hear more about becoming the authentic leader you were meant to be. Register soon before seats sell out.

  • POSTED BY: Marie Ioime

    Foodie Fare: Your Nutritious and Delicious Seal of Approval

    Chef Mark Boor from Fulton’s Crab House joined me in the kitchen on Florida Hospital’s recent Lunch and Learn LIVE! web-cast.   He demonstrated his “Florida Grouper with Avocado Dressing” so you can make it at home in less than 30 minutes.  Check out these easy recipes and watch the episode at Healthy 100 Videos .


  • POSTED BY: Amanda Rayno

    Don't Let Pain Get You Down

    One of the most common reasons people give for not exercising is an injury or pain. Exercise physiologists can provide options to perform the activities that one loves or provide new options that otherwise might not be considered.  Many injuries do not need surgery, and often there are initial treatments, such as physical therapy, home exercises, taping, or anti-inflammatory medications that can help resolve the matter.

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    What You Can Learn From Spiritual Giants

    Are you suffering right now? Fortunately, if we peer backwards in time, we see that some of the greatest triumphs in human history were achieved following hardship. When these epic successes are compared against each other, we find patterns in the heroes involved. We can determine the blueprint of a spiritual giant. 

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    How to Understand How Professional Care Givers Think and Feel and What That Means for You

    Did you know that expecting your caregiver to be perfect hurts you? When we are desperate and need answers or results immediately, we don’t tolerate our caregivers’ uncertainty or lack of perfection. We don’t tolerate our caregivers being human, which damages everyone. 

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA


    Faithfulness somehow doesn’t seem to rise very high on the societal scale of success and accomplishment. Fortune 500 leaders, or over night billionaires are rarely described in terms of “faithfulness.” Whatever you do, whatever your role in life, be faithful to the One who has called and gifted you, and to those He has entrusted to your care and keeping.

  • POSTED BY: Melanie Diaz

    Curb Your Cravings

    It can be hard to follow a healthy diet when cravings kick in. Whether you crave sweets, salty treats, soda or any other junk food, you’re not alone. Knowing how to handle your cravings can make all the difference in it turning into a full unhealthy indulgence.  Next time you find yourself wanting something unhealthy, try one of the following strategies to curb your craving.

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    Living Your Dream Life Now

    Is your life heading for disaster and you can’t even see it coming? Lighthouses are interesting structures. They have many uses, but paramount is leading ships away from danger to home. Home is not necessarily a house or a country. Home can be a personal fulfillment through finding our life’s purpose. Finding our purpose is how we get our dream life. When we are heading home, away from the storm, we are flourishing.  

  • POSTED BY: Raquel Thompson

    My Journey from Meat and Potatoes to Fruit and Veggies Part 1

    Learning how to switch up your dinner plate is not always easy but the benefits can be great.

  • POSTED BY: Hannah Ballew

    4 Ways to Help Your Family Manage Stress

    With the first day of school right around the corner, now is a great time to start learning some simple tricks to manage stress for not only kids, but parents, too!

  • POSTED BY: Ashley Roedding

    Getting a Chance to Succeed

    Winter Park Memorial Hospital has teamed up with Quest to help those with disabilities succeed in life.

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Change your posture…change your life!

    I learned something pretty important while recovering from my recent surgery. Instead of curling up and surrendering to the pain, I stretched out, with my arms and my legs as best I could and held that posture for at least a minute or two. The impact was immediate. Pain now was no longer conducting the symphony of my life.

  • POSTED BY: Jenna Tomaselli

    Making the Grade

    What do jumping jacks have in common with multiplication tables? Florida Hospital experts provide insight on exercise and grades in school.

  • POSTED BY: Ayslinn Husebo

    Desk Job Going Vertical

    Standing instead of sitting at your desk has many benefits.

  • POSTED BY: Angela Fals, MD

    Childhood Obesity & Technology – What’s the connection?

    Too much screen time may add to unhealthy habits that can last a lifetime.

  • POSTED BY: Dr. Zamip Patel and Andre Seballo

    The Truth about Male Menopause

    Male menopause? Find out what the experts are saying.

  • POSTED BY: Hannah Ballew

    No Monkey Business in our ER

    Bringing a child to the ER can be overwhelming but Florida Hospital for Children tries to make the experience a little less scary for both kids and adults.

  • POSTED BY: Christine Jallad

    What Every Parent Should Know About Concussions

    Concussions are not one size fits all. It’s important for parents to understand that a concussion is a serious injury.

  • POSTED BY: Diana Strawbridge RN, BSN, IBCLC

    World Breastfeeding Week

    August 1-7 of each year is celebrated globally as World Breastfeeding Week. In the United States there is a renewed interest in the lifetime health benefits of breastfeeding. New research has shown that increased duration of lactation had decreased prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease.

  • POSTED BY: Doug McDonald

    Exercising as a Family

    The importance of exercising is critical to your child's development and therefore key for us as parents.

  • POSTED BY: Angela Fals, M.D.

    Back to School: School Lunch Tips

    As we all get ready to send our kids back to school, many parents are not able to prepare their child’s lunches and often ask how they can make healthier options if their child eats at school.  

  • POSTED BY: Amber Ball

    Should Malfunctioning Pacemaker Leads Stay or Should They Go?

    Over 2 million Americans rely on pacemakers to regulate their heartbeat.  But when the wires connecting the device to the heart start to malfunction, patients should know what options they have.

  • POSTED BY: Ashley Fialkowski

    6 Reasons Kettlebell Training is Worth Trying

    How training with a 15 lb. metal ball that was origionally used for fitness in  17th century Russia is still a a good choice for today's workout.

  • POSTED BY: Amber Ball

    Why are Omega-3 Fatty Acids good for our hearts?

    Research has discovered that Omega-3 fatty acids have powerful health benefits.