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Why Should I Get the Flu Shot?

POSTED BY: Andre Seballo

Autumn has arrived. With changes in the weather and the impending holiday season comes an important and timely tradition that should not be overlooked—the flu shot. According to Dr. Gregorie Constant-Peter, the influenza virus spreads mainly via droplets in the air; it can be difficult to protect yourself, even with regular and thorough hand-washing. The best way to keep you and your family safe from the virus is to get the flu shot!

Here are 3 reasons why you should get the flu shot:

Getting vaccinated is quick and it saves you time down the road. The flu shot is administered in the form of a swift needle into the upper arm. For those who avoid needles, there is also a nasal-spray alternative of the vaccine, but it is only available for healthy people ages 2-49 who are not pregnant. Not only will these speedy options make the process relatively painless, they also save you from the hassle of catching the flu later!

Getting vaccinated comes at little to no cost for you—even if you are uninsured! Most primary care practices, walk-in clinics, such as CentraCare, or some of the nation-wide pharmacy chains offer inexpensive flu shots to the general public.  Most insurance plans cover the flu shot. For those whose insurance does not cover it or for those who do not have insurance, there are options out there! Occasionally, local clinics have “free flu shot” days that provide the vaccine to the community at no cost. These events can be found online by searching for free flu shots in your area.

Getting vaccinated will help protect your loved ones. Healthy people are usually able to recover from the flu relatively quick, but the senior citizens and the young children may have a harder time recuperating. If getting the flu vaccine keeps you from coming down with the illness, then it will also prevent the flu from being passed on to those dear to you! Double win!

Need more information on who should get the flu shot? Check out a past blog for more information. To find out where you can easily get a flu shot, visit your closest Centra Care, Florida Hospital’s Urgent Care, with locations around Central Florida.