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Tips for Musicians with Trigger Finger

POSTED BY: Andre Seballo

What do a classically-trained violinist and a lead guitarist in a rock band have in common? They may be more susceptible to developing a condition known as Trigger finger.  Caused by a narrowing of the sheath that surrounds tendons, the fingers may lock in the bent position for long periods at a time.

For a musician, this can be extremely challenging. Practice makes perfect and some musicians practice an average of 6 hours a day, however, the repetitive gripping for long periods of time can cause inflammation and discomfort while increasing your chances of developing trigger finger.

Here are a few tips to help find relief:

Take a break: This is important to prevent overuse of the affected hand.  It would be a mistake to continue to work through the pain. The trigger finger may relax somewhat if rested for an extended period of time.

Soaking in warm water:  Soaking your affected hand in warm water throughout the day may reduce the sensation.    

Massage:  Though this will not relieve inflammation, it may feel good and relieve pain.

If at-home remedies are ineffective then seek medical attention. According to Dr. Brian Leung, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Florida Hospital East Orlando, “there are several surgical and non-surgical options available depending on the severity of the condition.” For mild cases, wearing a splint on the finger, gentle finger exercises and behavioral changes could help.  Additional treatment for severe cases may include anti-inflammatory medication, injections, or the surgical release of tendons in the affected hand.

If you need a doctor or surgeon visit Florida Hospital East Orlando or call at 407-303-DOCS to discuss your needs and make an appointment at Florida Hospital East Orlando.