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Summer Safety with a Safe Sitter

POSTED BY: Colleen Monday

With summer approaching, it’s time to start looking for the best babysitter to care for your children. It’s important to find a babysitter who is responsible, trustworthy, and trained in safety. When it comes to safety, the best babysitter is one that is specially trained to handle all types of situations. The Safe Sitter program at Florida Hospital offers education and information on first aid, preventing injuries, pediatric CPR and much more.

Safe Sitter was founded in 1980, by an Indianapolis physician and has more than 850 teaching sites and has taught over 600,000 students. Since 1991, Florida Hospital has partnered with Safe Sitter teaching pre-teens and teenagers to be medically responsible and attentive babysitters. In 2013, more than 240 students graduated from the program at Florida Hospital.
Karen Schneeberger, BS, MA, F.A.C.C.E., Florida Hospital Health Educator and Safe Sitter Coordinator, discusses the importance of a babysitting course for pre-teens and teenagers, “Participating in an educational and fun class like Safe Sitter, not only gives students medically accurate information but a constantly growing sense of confidence.” The course is taught by certified Safe Sitter instructors, and students learn:

• Pediatric basic life support (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
• Accident prevention
• Basic child care (infants to school-age)
• First Aid
• Safety for the sitter

The Safe Sitter course is a two day course for pre-teen and teenagers, ages 11-13, and is offered at several Florida Hospital locations in June, July and August. Click here to learn more or to enroll your child in the Safe Sitter Program at Florida Hospital.