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Discover more about our Spirit to Care and what it's like to be a patient at Florida Hospital.
  • POSTED BY: Peggy Smith

    They Didn’t Grieve Alone

    Geoffrey’s wife, Marcela, was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer. It was the year their only son, George, celebrated his second birthday. Marcela was ill for three years. During that time, hope and opportunity came for Geoffrey and George in the form of Hospice Bereavement Services, offered at no cost to families.

  • POSTED BY: Peggy Smith

    A Demand for Child Healthcare in Haitian Orphanages

    Demand for child healthcare in Haitian orphanages participating in Operation Sunshine increased almost 50 percent between 2016 and 2017.

    We turned to you for help and it’s an honor to report that your support gave us a reason to smile.

  • POSTED BY: Peggy Smith

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    Help When It Hurts During the Holidays

    The holiday season can be especially stressful when you are grieving the death of someone dear to you. Holidays are also a reminder that time is passing – another holiday, another year has gone by. The holidays are a time to be with people you love the most. How can you be expected to celebrate togetherness when someone is missing?

  • POSTED BY: Lillian Cain

    It was routine. It was breast cancer.

    During her lifetime, 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. She could be your wife, your sister, your friend or your mother, but it’s not too late for you to do something.

  • POSTED BY: Peggy Smith

    Medical Missions: Volunteer Service Makes a Difference

    Every Florida Hospital Sharing Smiles medical mission trip includes a qualified team of physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists and non-medical professionals who all volunteer their time. These volunteers have a far-reaching impact on the lives they touch. Their common goal is to care for children and provide excellent medical care.

  • POSTED BY: Peggy Smith

    Global Mission Initiatives: Growing Opportunity

    Fin is an 11-year-old orphan who looks like a six-year-old.  Florida Hospital’s Operation Sunshine met Fin in Haiti.

    With your help Fin can begin to grow. 

  • POSTED BY: Peggy Smitrh

    Keep Children Smiling: Yoselin's Story

    Yoselin’s new smile was made possible because of the generosity of people like you.  She received cleft lip and cleft palate surgery in Merida, Mexico when she was just nine months old.

    Today, she is four years old and she can play without being shunned by her peers.  Her gentle smile beams on her face and she loves to dance.

  • POSTED BY: Peggy Smith

    Hospice of the Comforter: Grief Support

    My mother is dying.  She is 90.  After a brutal illness left her defeated, she chose to take a path she says she want to follow because she is old, tired and her existence is no way to live…My siblings and I chose to honor her decision and make her final days comfortable and joyful. We were fortunate to have found support from the remarkable nurses and staff with Hospice of the Comforter.

  • POSTED BY: Peggy Smith

    A Place for Those Without a Home

    When Hospice of the Comforter patients have no able caregiver — or no caregiver at all — Robison Residence becomes their home. In this warm setting, volunteers such as Allis Gwinn offer comfort and support.

  • POSTED BY: Megan Satterwhite

    “It’s Breast Cancer.”

    "It's breast cancer."

    I knew the news wasn’t good when my doctor insisted on talking to me in person about my recent CT scan, but, with no family history, I hadn’t expected this.

  • POSTED BY: Chris Dobson, M.D.

    Florida Hospital Sharing Smiles in 2016

    What an exciting year it’s been for Florida Hospital Sharing Smiles.

    During 2016, each division has been expanded, our partnerships strengthened and our dream of year-round, in-country clinics and care realized. Sharing Smiles volunteers and supporters: You are what makes life amazing! We achieved many new milestones as we partnered to transform the lives of children in Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Here is a peek at what we are accomplishing.

  • POSTED BY: Florida Hospital

    The Heart of the Matter: Florida Hospital Scores Hole in One for Bob Pearson

    An avid golfer since his days in the United States Air Force (1961 - 1971), an unexpected odyssey recently took Bob from the course and nearly took him from those he holds most dear. But, the quick action by his fiancée Julie, and the care of some very skilled medical professionals, has gotten him back on course.

  • POSTED BY: Megan Satterwhite

    Sadness Buddy, Stay with Me.

    Each child in Hospice of the Comforter’s Children’s Loss Program receives a “sadness buddy,” a small stuffed animal accompanied by the above poem. These special services are available to all children in need, children like Tommy.

  • POSTED BY: Megan Satterwhite

    Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

    Fail to plan, plan to failWe’ve all heard this phrase before, but I want you to know that, when it comes to your money, you need a plan. When my husband passed away six years ago, it became strikingly evident that I needed to do just that.

  • POSTED BY: Megan Satterwhite

    Celebrating Christmas in July

    When little Kylie wasn’t gaining weight, she was admitted Florida Hospital for Children where she stayed for the next two months. Being hooked up to machines meant little playtime outside of her crib, but a few days before leaving the hospital, Kylie was able to make her very fi rst trip to the playroom.“It was amazing to see her be able to do that, to see how much she’s grown and progressed. Just being able to play with her was incredible,” says Kylie’s mother Christa.

  • POSTED BY: Megan Satterwhite

    Something Isn’t Right.

    It was a few days after knee replacement surgery and, coincidentally, a few days after my 73 birthday. I was sweating profusely as I told my wife Ellie that my vision was blurred and fuzzy. She picked up the phone to call 911, but I stopped her.

  • POSTED BY: Megan Satterwhite

    Cancer Doesn't Care.

    Cancer doesn’t care. More than likely, you or someone you know has been affected by cancer, because cancer doesn’t care. Young. Old. Male. Female. This widespread disease doesn’t discriminate. When I was 44 and in the best shape of my life, cancer didn’t care then either. It didn’t matter that I had a wife and three children or that I was president of our family business. Cancer didn’t care. You know who did? Florida Hospital.

  • POSTED BY: Jesse Ruderman - interviews translated by Gustavo Villagomez Eid

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    Florida Hospital is Sharing Smiles in Cochabamba, Bolivia

    Clinica El Carmen’s hallways bustle on a Sunday. Mothers clutch their children; Bolivian infants are swaddled in aguayos. Fathers share smiles strained with worry, and boys bounce their restless feet on the warm white tiles. Nurses announce numbers in Spanish, “veintitres.” There aren’t enough chairs for everyone. Some families stand in corners; a girl sleeps wrapped in a blanket on the floor. Despite the muggy heat and capacity crowds, one can’t help but feel an air of hope and opportunity. 

  • POSTED BY: Andre Seballo

    Health Benefits of Rest

    Sleep and general rest are essential for overall health. Read on for a few key benefits of rest.

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Why do you do what you do?

    Why do you do what you do? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why do you do what you do with your life’s energies?

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    The Tyranny of the Urgent

    Ever notice how the urgent things of the day crowd out the important things you wanted to do? How the crisis du jour blocks the implementation of fundamental growth, improvement or practice?

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    New Year, New Resolutions

    Interestingly enough the same resolutions have been at the top of the list for the past number of years. It seems that our hope for change and betterment is not as strong as the habits that hold them captive!

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Medical Mission to Belize

    This past week the  Florida Hospital Tampa mission team served the people of Cayo District in Belize, providing orthopedic and cardiology consults along with general medicine, physical therapy assessments/interventions and, where applicable, surgery.

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    What’s luck got to do with it?

    For many people, “luck” becomes a force upon which they rely, more than they might realize. In an attempt to explain life’s twists and turns, it seems that what we don’t understand we often attribute to “luck” either good or bad. In attributing power to “luck” you deny the responsibility you and I have in life.

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    This Heart Is Your Heart!

    Often when you think of making hearts well, you think of interventions, surgeries, medicines and rehab. A cheerful heart is like a good medicine the Bible says. A healthy heart needs a little of both.

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Looking up!

    It is entirely normal in the course of your life to have moments of feeling overwhelmed by all that is happening in your life. Add on the unplanned and unexpected, and it is only human to feel a bit overwhelmed at times!

  • POSTED BY: Hannah Bellew

    A Day in the Life of an Art Therapist

    At Florida Hospital for Children, we don’t just treat our patients physically; we strive to treat the whole child as well as their family. Our music therapypet therapy, spiritual ambassador, child life and art therapy programs all support the emotional and developmenta l sides of the families we care for.  Are you interested in becoming a Florida Hospital for Children Volunteer? Click here to learn more!

  • POSTED BY: POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Flipping the switch

    Years ago, before moving to Kansas, I had never used a sprinkler system but was intrigued when the home we purchased listed one as part of the property. The first summer was really hot and while I could see the sprinkler heads on the left side of the lawn, the other half, on the right side of the drive way, seemed barren of sprinkler heads and green grass. I watered the lawn by hand for two long seasons.

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Down but not out!

    It is interesting how you and I can apply a lesson to our daily life from a story about a sports event with which we might not even be familiar! We call all take an example from the America's Cup winning team, who were down 8-0 in the best of 9 series.

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Priorities from a jar

    “Priorities From a Jar” has a powerful message for people like you and me who stuff so much into our days that a little crisis can mess it all up.

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    How to Alleviate Poverty In Your Home

    While we should all do what we can to help those in need within both our local and global communities, we shouldn’t let the inaccessibility of the mission field hinder our passion to help people. One opportunity to help spread Christ’s love is Florida Hospital’s conference Called to Flourish  on September 20. Max Lucado will be leading a team of health and wellness speakers in a mission to help people extend the love of Christ. In his words: “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40 (NIV)

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Ditch digging

    Ditch digging can be really tough work. You never know what kind of material you will run into—rocks, clay, roots, gravel, water…
    Just like you work each day, you really don't know what kind of situation you will face. It changes from room to room, and from hour to hour. Do you need to stop to climb out of the ditch you're digging to gain perspective and allow your spirit to catch up? 

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    How To Become the Authentic Leader That You Were Meant to Be

    Do you want to be an effective leader? Whether you are a leader at your workplace, your church or your home, join us to hear more about becoming the authentic leader you were meant to be. Register soon before seats sell out.

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    What You Can Learn From Spiritual Giants

    Are you suffering right now? Fortunately, if we peer backwards in time, we see that some of the greatest triumphs in human history were achieved following hardship. When these epic successes are compared against each other, we find patterns in the heroes involved. We can determine the blueprint of a spiritual giant. 

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    How to Understand How Professional Care Givers Think and Feel and What That Means for You

    Did you know that expecting your caregiver to be perfect hurts you? When we are desperate and need answers or results immediately, we don’t tolerate our caregivers’ uncertainty or lack of perfection. We don’t tolerate our caregivers being human, which damages everyone. 

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA


    Faithfulness somehow doesn’t seem to rise very high on the societal scale of success and accomplishment. Fortune 500 leaders, or over night billionaires are rarely described in terms of “faithfulness.” Whatever you do, whatever your role in life, be faithful to the One who has called and gifted you, and to those He has entrusted to your care and keeping.

  • POSTED BY: Eric Schmidt

    Living Your Dream Life Now

    Is your life heading for disaster and you can’t even see it coming? Lighthouses are interesting structures. They have many uses, but paramount is leading ships away from danger to home. Home is not necessarily a house or a country. Home can be a personal fulfillment through finding our life’s purpose. Finding our purpose is how we get our dream life. When we are heading home, away from the storm, we are flourishing.  

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Change your posture…change your life!

    I learned something pretty important while recovering from my recent surgery. Instead of curling up and surrendering to the pain, I stretched out, with my arms and my legs as best I could and held that posture for at least a minute or two. The impact was immediate. Pain now was no longer conducting the symphony of my life.

  • POSTED BY: Hannah Ballew

    No Monkey Business in our ER

    Bringing a child to the ER can be overwhelming but Florida Hospital for Children tries to make the experience a little less scary for both kids and adults.

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Margins: where life happens.

    Ever get a letter or memo that was covered with typing from side to side and top to bottom? Ever throw it away because it was just too busy looking? Too intense? Here is a news flash: You are typing pages every day for a book you are writing…it is called “MY LIFE!” How much “white space” do you have on the pages of your life?

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    Got Attitude?

    Attitude abounds these days! You see it on the drive into work each day. You see it on the news each night. You get it from your kids, your friends, your co-workers.

    Attitude abounds … because people are everywhere!

    Attitude is not good or bad; it is simply the way you approach life. So everything you get, every interaction you have is filled with — and driven by — attitude!

  • POSTED BY: Hannah Ballew

    A Day in the Life of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Volunteer

    Learn more about what it’s like to be a volunteer in the Florida Hospital for Children PICU from the special perspective of a mom who was once in the shoes of our patient families.

  • POSTED BY: Alex Beasley, Guest Blogger, Medical Writer and Editor

    Don't Get Sidetracked by Setbacks

    Just three months after lung cancer surgery, Christine Welsh ran a half marathon, proving that it works to stay positive about setbacks.

  • POSTED BY: Raquel Thompson

    A Small Reminder on the Gift of Time

    Florida Hospital's Imaging staff takes time to not only donate dinner to the Ronald McDonald House, but also is reminded of the gift of giving your time and company to others.