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Keep Calm & Avoid Stroke

POSTED BY: Florida Hospital Tampa

We are all emotional creatures. Through our feelings, we are able to experience life to the fullest - with all the elation and frustration that come along for the ride.

Anger is one of the most frequently felt emotions. But when it becomes part of your daily routine, anger mutates from a perfectly natural reaction to a trigger for one of the deadliest health conditions ─ STROKE!

Episodes of anger are known to escalate heart rate, breathing and arterial tension, increasing your chances for stroke. Practice becoming aware of your emotional state ─ you will soon be able to recognize your personal triggers and find creative approaches to react to them in a positive and healthy way.

Tips to RISE ABOVE your anger:

  • Keep an anger journal to learn what situations make you angry.
  • Be understanding. There have been times when you needed a little patience from others, too.
  • Call a “time-out.” The old "Count to 10" rule allows you time to react more rationally.
  • Control how you react physically. Try not to curse, sigh, speak loudly, or gesture in response to a situation.
  • Take a brisk walk.

Life is too short to shorten it further with unproductive anger. When you find yourself in an angry situation, take a moment to remember the simple pleasures in life and use the tips above to regain control over your emotions and reclaim your strength!

According to the American Heart Association, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Someone suffers a stroke an average of every 40 seconds. That's almost 800,000 strokes per year! May is National Stroke Awareness Month, and Florida Hospital Tampa will help you assess your risk and teach you more ways to avoid a stroke.

On Thursday, May 8, our Passport to Health Seminar Series will journey to Italy, where we will enjoy samplings of Italian cuisine as our clinical expert presents current information on stroke in women and steps you can take to lower your risk. Learn more and register online.

On Saturday, May 10, Florida Hospital Tampa will present a Stroke Awareness Screening. The low-cost screening includes EKG, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol (full lipid panel), C-reactive protein, homocysteine level. Cost: $25. A carotid ultrasound screening will also be available for an additional $25. Learn more and register online.