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How To Eat Healthy During The Holidays

POSTED BY: Florida Hospital

The season of overindulgence has arrived! It’s easy to go overboard when the holidays roll around, and many of us may find ourselves consuming our entire daily caloric needs at one sitting.

Having a strategy to avoid overeating is an important part of a healthier holiday season. It’s also a great way to ensure your clothes still fit after the new year! Below Sherri Flynt, registered/licensed dietitian with Florida Hospital offers a few tips to help you create your strategy:

1. Don’t arrive on an empty stomach. Resist the temptation to show up to a holiday meal or party with an empty stomach. Skipping meals typically leads to eating more than if you had eaten something earlier in the day.

2. Check out your options. You’re more likely to eat less when you check out your options first. So scout out the buffet table before loading up your plate.

3. Hang out with someone who eats slowly. Find someone who you know takes longer to finish his/her meals and follow his/her pace. Eating slowly makes it easier to eat less and still feel satisfied.

4. Move away from the food! If you linger around the buffet or dinner table, chances are you’ll continue to nibble. Aim to be more than an arm’s length away from the food whenever you aren’t eating.

5. It’s okay to enjoy your favorite holiday treat. Better yet, share the holiday spirit by splitting your favorite treat with someone.