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Domestic Violence App Gives Victims Electronic Confidant

POSTED BY: Jennifer Roberts

Florida Hospital emergency medicine physicians and others around the country are pulling out iPads to help with the tough questions regarding domestic violence.  Dr. Adewale, one of Florida Hospital East Orlando’s emergency department physicians, says domestic violence is on the rise and it often goes unreported.  He is leading research in the emergency department to more accurately identify patients that are victims of abuse.

“Many times a victim comes in to the hospital with the abuser,” said Dr. Ademola Adewale.  “He or she won’t tell us what the real cause of the broken arm or the bruise is, because they are afraid.”

That is where the domestic violence screening app, R3, created by Harbor House and sponsored by Florida Hospital comes in.  R3 stands for Recognize, Respond and Refer and is the first app of its kind in the nation.  Patients can complete the app on an iPad without answering questions out loud.  Check out this video to take a look at the app.

R3 utilizes the HITS screening tool which has been recognized by the CDC as the top screening tool for physicians for domestic abuse.  After answering the questions on a 5 point scale, as score is generated.   If it is above 13, the caregiver is alerted and can access local information about community resources where a domestic victim can seek help.