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Calling all Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Child Care Workers and Babysitters…

POSTED BY: Colleen Monday

We never plan on emergencies, but sometimes big things can happen to little ones.  In a perfect world, your baby or child will never experience an emergency, but should it happen, you need to be confident that you or your caregiver are prepared to handle whatever situation arises.

Florida Hospital and the American Heart Association offer a pediatric CPR class where you will learn the proper techniques for infant and child CPR. The program started in 2003 and certifies more than 250 caregivers annually. The class is offered monthly and taught by certified CPR instructors. It gives the caretaker a sense of security in knowing they can take care of an emergency situation. The class has hands on practice with infant and child manikins in addition to video instruction. The course is lead by certified instructors and participants learn:

  • Pediatric basic life support (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  • How to clear Conscious airway obstruction
  • Heimlich maneuver
  • Basic Accident prevention

In the class you will practice emergency techniques for rescue in the event of choking or a sudden cardiac arrest in an infant or child in an easy classroom setting. This class is designed for parents, grandparents, adoptive parents, family members and child care providers that will be responsible for a newborn up to puberty. Upon completion a certificate will be provided by Florida Hospital and the American Heart Association for Friends and Family Pediatric CPR.       

 Karen Schneeberger, BS, MA, F.A.C.C.E., at Florida Hospital discusses the importance of a Pediatric CPR Class, “No one ever expects their child to choke or stop breathing but if they do you want to be able to react quickly to avert any additional harm. It may not even be your child but could be a neighbor’s child or even a stranger that you can help. We have had parents tell us how the class made them feel much more confident just knowing that they are prepared to handle the situation if it arises. Participating in a CPR class can provide a sense of calm to caregivers that if the infant or child chokes on something or stops breathing, they are prepared to take the necessary steps that can make the difference in a child’s life”.  

The best way to safeguard your little one’s life is by knowing what to do in an emergency situation and by completing a class that teaches life-saving techniques.  The Pediatric CPR Class is offered monthly only at Florida Hospital Orlando. To learn more call 407-303-2599 or click here to register and for a complete list of classes.