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The Benefits of Group Exercise

POSTED BY: Melanie Diaz

We all know that incorporating some sort of exercise into your weekly routine is an important aspect of living a healthy life and ultimately living to a [[Healthy 100]]. While there are many forms of exercise, finding the right workout that fits your interest is key. Whether you’re the type to get in a couple miles on a treadmill, lift weights, swim, bike or play a sport, finding what keeps you motivated to go back is key. If your workout is fun, the chances of you returning are going to be greater than if you’re dreading the workout.

One popular trend in fitness is group workouts. What better way to get motivated then to join your friends for a fun and energetic exercise session. In addition to the fun, there are many benefits of group exercise:

1. Motivation – Unlike exercising alone, when you’re in a group setting the instructor is able to set the tone and pace for you while others in the class can serve as great motivation or even a bit of competition.

2. Interpersonal Relationships – working out in groups makes for a great way to meet new people that share a common interest with you.

3. Mix it Up – Forget boring exercise routines, by adding in a group fitness class such as yoga, zumba, pilates, spin or even kick-boxing can be a great source of variety and fun.

4. Safety – When trying a new workout for the first time having a group instructor guide you through the movements and help you understand what you’re doing and how you should feel can help prevent you from doing something that can lead to injury.

5. Time - If you’re the type that struggles to find time to squeeze in a workout, group fitness classes are typically offered in 30 - 60 minute increments. Most gyms and fitness centers also offer fitness classes all day long in order to accommodate even the craziest of schedules.

According to Florida Hospital Health and Performance Consultant, Kate Kraus “group fitness is fun, motivating and helps build trust among members. If you’re new to working out, group fitness can be a perfect way to ease into a regular work out routine.”

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