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Blog Archive - April 2014

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  • POSTED BY: Colleen Monday

    Calling all Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Child Care Workers and Babysitters…

    Do you know infant and pediatric CPR?

  • POSTED BY: Melanie Diaz

    Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller’s Message for Women

    Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller provides a wellness message for women.

  • POSTED BY: Donny Hodges

    Suffering in silence: A Symptom of Incontinence

    Incontinence in men can be a sign of prostate cancer or bladder cancer in both men and women

  • POSTED BY: Jessica Ruffin

    Tanning and Skin Cancer

    According to an article at the Skin Cancer Foundation, “71 percent of tanning salon patrons are girls and women aged 16-29.” This explains why young women are getting skin cancer more often. The Center for Disease Control said melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is the third most common cancer in people from 15 to 39. In other words, skin cancer doesn’t discriminate, and UV exposure (fake or real) will damage your skin.

  • POSTED BY: Jessica Ruffin

    Can peppermint really help your memory?

     Have you ever been told to drink peppermint tea when you aren’t feeling well or when your stomach is upset? Well you should! Peppermint is an herb believed to have healing elements. It is widely known for how it soothes upset stomachs and the digestive tract via its oil compounds.

  • POSTED BY: Jessica Ruffin

    The Positive Effects of Blueberries

    Excerpt: The high fiber content and all those amazing antioxidants can help dissolve bad cholesterol, which results in a lower risk for heart diseases. In fact, these powerful antioxidants are the reasons why blueberries can help heal damaged brain cells and keep your memory sharp. They’ve even been proven to help your vision. Some studies have found that they can delay age related ocular problems like cataracts.

  • POSTED BY: Florida Hospital Tampa

    Keep Calm & Avoid Stroke

    Anger is one of the most frequently felt emotions. But when it becomes part of your daily routine, anger mutates from a perfectly natural reaction to a trigger for one of the deadliest health conditions ─ stroke!

  • POSTED BY: Florida Hospital Tampa

    RX: Spa Time

    A week in spa retreat can actually improve your physical and emotional well-being, suggests a recent study from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

  • POSTED BY: Florida Hospital Tampa

    Cancer Treatments and the Sun

    Although it’s natural to spend more time outdoors during the summer, you should take special care if you’re a cancer patient. Recent research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that some cancer treatments could put you at greater risk for sun damage.

  • POSTED BY: Florida Hospital Tampa

    Prunes For Bone Health

    A new wrinkle in bone health could be as near as the dried fruit aisle. Eating dried plums (also known as prunes) may help preserve your bone density, according to researchers at Florida State University and Oklahoma State University.

  • POSTED BY: Christine Jallad

    Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack – Understanding the Differences

    Cardiac arrest is much different, and with different symptoms than that of a heart attack.

  • POSTED BY: Colleen Monday

    Summer Safety with a Safe Sitter

    Summer Safety with a Safe Sitter

  • POSTED BY: Amber Ball Huhn

    Resting For Better Heart Health

    A heart healthy lifestyle includes getting the right amount of rest