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Blog Archive - November 2013

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  • POSTED BY: Jessica Palo

    Fat Burners: Not What They're Cracked Up to Be

    To get in incredible shape you need to be disciplined. No legal supplement out there is going to do all the work for you while you sit on the couch and watch TV. You have to get up and get active. One of the most common ingredients in fat burning supplements today is caffeine. No, caffeine doesn’t burn fat, it gives you energy.

  • POSTED BY: Ashley Fialkowksi

    DNA Based Diets

    Health experts may be able to create individualized diet plans based on DNA

  • POSTED BY: Christine Jallad

    Can You Recover From Picky Eating?

    Even the pickiest eaters can change their palates with these eating tips

  • POSTED BY: Candie Swager, RN

    Staying Fit During the Holidays

    We love it when holidays become visible on the calendar.  Visions of turkey with gravy and ham with sweet potato casserole begin to tease our senses, especially our tummies. But we know in the back of our minds that January and resolutions will follow along with the word “diet.”

  • POSTED BY: Marie Ioime

    Foodie Fare: 3 Side Dishes for your Thanksgiving Table

    Everyone loves holiday side dishes and we’ve got 3 delicious and different side dishes – that just happen to be healthy!  Who says the turkey should get all the attention; try any or all of these side dishes and your family will be asking for them every holiday – or every day! 

  • POSTED BY: Christine Jallad

    Four Things You Can Do To Make The Doctor's Visit Better

    After working in the health care business for several years and being a patient for my entire life, I’ve learned a little bit about “both sides of the fence”. As a patient I tend to be anxious, impatient and timid. If you struggle with doctor’s visits like I do, and you want to be part of the solution, here are a few things that Dr. Herdley Paolini, author of Inside the Mind of a Physician and director of Physician Support Services at Florida Hospital [], recommends.

  • POSTED BY: Christopher Thurston Jr, PT, DPT, CSCS Physical Therapist

    NFL Injuries: Oakland Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor Slowed Down by Knee Injury

    Though we often hear of athletes being out for the season with a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), the MCL is the most commonly injured ligament of the knee. This ligament is typically involved in contact sports and sprained when the athlete’s foot is planted and turned outward. These injuries along with their severity are diagnosed through MRI and clinical assessment. 4

  • POSTED BY: Milt Bedingfield, MS, CDE, Florida Hospital Tampa Diabetes & Endocrinology Institute

    An Excellent Reason Not to Keep Your Diabetes a Secret

    I can think of at least several good reasons for not keeping your diabetes a secret. The most important is that others may know you're having a blood glucose issue before you do.

  • POSTED BY: Julia Riola

    Caffeine: How much is too much?

    How much caffeine do you consume daily? Is it the first thing you reach for in the morning to get your day started? These days, I find myself waking up thinking I need a cup of coffee stat! And this is just the first of several cups for the day. As you start to calculate the caffeine you drink don’t forget any soda or tea as well as coffee.  It adds up pretty quickly!

  • POSTED BY: Christopher Thurston, Jr., PT, DPT, CSCS
 Physical Therapist

    NFL Injuries: After Major Hip Surgery, Seattle Seahawks’ Percy Harvin is Looking to Bounce Back Once Again

    When it comes to the hip and injuries, it’s not always as clear-cut as a pulled muscle or a sprained ankle. The symptoms can be very misleading and often lead to a misdiagnosis.  Is hip surgery necessary?

  • POSTED BY: Peter Bath, D.Min., MBA

    This Heart Is Your Heart!

    Often when you think of making hearts well, you think of interventions, surgeries, medicines and rehab. A cheerful heart is like a good medicine the Bible says. A healthy heart needs a little of both.

  • POSTED BY: Melanie Diaz

    The Benefits of Group Exercise

    We all know that incorporating some sort of exercise into your weekly routine is an important aspect of living a healthy life and ultimately living to a Healthy 100.  One popular trend in fitness is group workouts. What better way to get motivated then to join your friends for a fun and energetic exercise session. Learn more about the benefits of group exercise.

  • POSTED BY: Christopher Thurston, Jr., PT, DPT, CSCS Physical Therapist

    NFL Injuries: Not so FAST! I’ve pulled my hamstrings.

    At this point in the NFL season, there have been over 20 players suffering from hamstring injuries, including the Philadelphia Eagle’s quarterback Michael Vick and the Oakland Raider’s running back Darren McFadden. In a business where it’s a race to heal quicker than the average person, the likelihood of re-injury haunts players, coaches, and fans alike. Both, Darren McFadden and Michael Vick sat out two weeks before returning to the field. The decision to do so proved to be ill fated in both cases

  • POSTED BY: Kayla Burton

    10 Minute Workout to Jumpstart Your Day

    With my sometimes very busy schedule, I often leave out what should be one of the most important activities of my day: exercising. On days when I can’t fit in my trip to the gym, I’ve started using body weight training at home. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes, and you can do it before you even get ready for work. All you need is you!  Here are some simple body weight exercises you can do in the morning while still in your pj’s! This circuit is recommended by Patrick Faulk, Certified Personal Trainer with The Fitness Centre & Day Spa at Celebration Health.

  • POSTED BY: Christopher Thurston, Jr. PT, DPT, CSCS Physical Therapist

    NFL Injuries: Denver Bronco’s Peyton Manning Ankle Sprains

    This year the NFL has been plagued by injuries as players are laying it all on the line week after week.  As fans of the game, we cringe at the sight of our star athletes going down in fear of a possible year-ending injury.  Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning, against all odds, is prospering in his second season since enduring several neck surgeries to tackle his years of chronic neck pain.