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Research and Clinical Trials for Biopsy

The research for biopsy procedures is broad reflecting the many different types of cancers involved and the areas of the body that are affected. Much of the research seeks to develop more effective and minimally invasive techniques. 
Clinical trials on biopsy include:
  • Comparisons of imaging technology to detect tumors and guide procedures
  • Medications to aid in procedures and relieve pain
  • Evaluations of different procedures to gather tissue
  • Performing biopsies for all types of cancers
  • The impact of other health conditions such as hepatitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) on biopsy procedures
Florida Hospital participates in many clinical trials involving cancer diagnosis and treatment. These studies, combined with research at other centers of excellence, offer patients the opportunity to benefit from continual advances in medical procedures. Individuals are welcome to consult with the physicians at Florida Hospital to determine if they are good candidates and can benefit from participation. 

Locations for Biopsy