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Biliary Stricture

Research and Clinical Trials for Biliary Stricture

While biliary stricture is an uncommon condition, it is often caused by injury or obstruction of the bile duct. Ongoing biliary stricture research helps develop better procedures for avoiding surgical injury and for treating the condition.

Using this research, Florida Hospital physicians offer more precise, less invasive new treatments for biliary stricture when possible. With smaller incisions or none at all, our physicians can repair or remove scarring or gallstones causing the narrowing. Patients experience less pain and a shorter recovery time.

Some of these minimally invasive new treatments for biliary stricture include:

  • Endoscopic balloon dilation and stenting
  • Percutaneous therapy

See if you are a candidate for these less invasive treatment options. Schedule a screening appointment online at Florida Hospital.

Locations for Biliary Stricture