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Biliary Stricture

Preventing Biliary Stricture

The best ways of preventing biliary stricture is to improve your health, treat related conditions immediately and avoid surgical complications. While these three techniques are not fool proof, they improve the patient’s ability to avoid this dangerous condition.

Preventing Biliary Stricture Caused by Injury

The majority of biliary stricture cases are caused due to injury after surgery, particularly laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal). While this procedure is considered safe, Florida Hospital specialists take great care in preventing biliary stricture by avoiding any complications that can injure the bile duct wall.

Preventing Biliary Stricture Caused by Disease or Cancer

For biliary stricture cases resulting from cancerous or benign tumors, diseases of the pancreas or bile duct, and from inflammation, patients must get diagnosed and treatment immediately. By removing or treating the condition causing the narrowing, patients can prevent biliary stricture.

Preventing Biliary Stricture Caused by Gallstones

For patients with gallstones, the leading cause of bile duct obstruction, preventing biliary stricture means preventing gallstones.

Damage to the bile duct wall produces scarring that narrows the duct. Patients with a history of gallstones should eat healthy, diet, exercise, control their weight, and avoid certain medications. By preventing gallstones and damage caused by the obstruction, patients can reduce their risk of developing biliary stricture.

Locations for Biliary Stricture