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Behavioral Health

Behavioral health provides an integrative service promoting whole person healing of body, mind and spirit to improve the quality of life and mental health maintenance for each patient through therapeutic interventions.  Mental health wellness are often different pathways for different people. Our behavioral health clinical team develop personalized treatment pathways for each patient.  For over 50 years, Florida Hospital’s commitment to specialized behavioral health services is a model of integrated care to empower individuals to choose health, wholeness, a productive life.

Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Medicine Units

Our acute psychiatric medicine units are designed for individuals in significant distress requiring 24-hour supervision in an inpatient environment of care fostering safety and well-being.  Behavioral health patients struggling with psychiatric and medical conditions receive compassionate care by highly qualified, multidisciplinary mental health professionals.

Social Services
Social Services provide treatment modalities to help individuals manage their behavioral health needs through the provision of:
  • Individual Patient Assessment
  • Brief individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy
  • Discharge Planning:
    • Aftercare follow up appointments are scheduled with the next level of care provider for medication management with a psychiatrist/psychiatric ARNP and/or therapist for continuum of care 
    • Community supportive resources to help with post discharge needs

Psychiatric Nurses and Technicians

Designated Florida Hospital campuses provide 24-hour care, daily medication administration by a nurse in conjunction with daily patient assessment by the clinical team and monitoring of personalized treatment plans.

Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Our team of staff psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and licensed counselors provide services ranging from initial psychiatric evaluations, individualized plans of care, medication management and mental health therapy for children through senior adults. Most insurance plans are accepted.

Brain Stimulation

For individuals suffering from depression and has a history of failed anti-depressant medication treatment, the Brain Stimulation program offers two unique alternatives:

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
 TMS is a non-invasive focused treatment option for adults suffering from depression who have not had prior success with anti-depressant medications.  TMS produces a magnetic field targeting approximately 2-3 centimeters of the brain involved in mood regulation and depression. Treatment sessions are 40 minutes, performed 5 days per week for 4-6 weeks. TMS benefits improve symptoms over a period of weeks and have the potential to eliminate all depressive symptoms.
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
 ECT is another intervention offered when traditional interventions have been unsuccessful in treating bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression. ECT is most often used in the treatment of severe depression not responding to medications and psychotherapy.  ECT has an efficacy for individuals diagnosed with acute depression when the time period necessary for effective use of medication therapy would not be optimal.  This intervention has presented some of the greatest improvements in the treatment of mental health disorders.  Many patients notice an improvement in their symptoms after 2 or 3 treatments in comparison to several weeks with anti-depressant medications before symptom improvement.  Prospective patients are carefully screened medically and psychiatrically prior to considering ECT as a treatment option.  

Locations offering Behavioral Health services