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Bariatric Surgery

Research and Clinical Trials on Bariatric Surgery

As a relatively new treatment, weight loss surgery continues to undergo testing for safety and to improve procedures. Research and clinical trials on bariatric surgery enables doctors to improve the treatment’s success and introduce better technology.

Laparoscopic bariatric surgery is one example of how research helps develop better procedures. This minimally invasive technique was developed to reduce pain, scarring, recovery time and risks of complications. Florida Hospital offers this advanced technique to qualified patients and continues to research the procedure for long-term safety.

International ongoing research and clinical trials cover a variety of topics, including the following:
•    The health benefits/risks of teenage patients undergoing bariatric surgery
•    The best bariatric procedures for patients with diabetes
•    Diabetes prevention
•    Standardizing bariatric terminology and protocols
•    Emotional stress caused by bariatric surgery
•    Kidney, nutrition and diabetes effects
•    And more.

Learn more about the research and clinical trials at Florida Hospital. Contact our team today.

Locations for Bariatric Surgery