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Astrocytic Tumor

Symptoms and Signs of Astrocytic Tumor

The symptoms of astrocytic tumors depend on a number of factors, including the tumor’s location in the brain and how quickly it grows. Sometimes, symptoms are caused by increased intracranial pressure, which can be caused by blockage of the fluid-filled spaces in the brain (called ventricles) that leads to a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid. These symptoms include headaches, vomiting, neck pain, irritability and changes in vision.

Symptoms of tumors in the frontal lobe of the brain may include gradual changes in mood and personality, as well as hemiparesis, a condition characterized by paralysis on one side of the body. Tumors in the temporal lobe of the brain can affect speech, coordination and memory. Tumors in the parietal lobe often lead to difficulties with writing and similar tasks. Finally, tumors in the cerebellum may lead to problems with coordination and balance.

Locations for Astrocytic Tumor