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Astrocytic Tumor

Screening and Tests for Astrocytic Tumor

Screening for astrocytic tumors will begin with a thorough physical exam that examines the patient’s reflexes and the power and feeling of the arms and legs. Doctors will examine the patient’s eyes with an ophthalmoscope to see if the nerve at the back of the eye is swollen, which can be caused by edema, a condition that may be caused by an increase in the amount of brain fluid.

Imaging studies such as a CT scan or MRI scan can then be used to find the position and size of the tumor. An angiogram, a test that uses a special dye and x-rays to evaluate blood flow in the brain, may also be used to confirm a diagnosis, and a biopsy of tumor cells may be performed to gain a more precise assessment of the tumor.

Locations for Astrocytic Tumor