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Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Years ago, the introduction of laparoscopy’s less invasive surgical approach revolutionized the way in which many procedures are performed by accessing the surgery site with a tiny camera and instruments — eliminating the need for a large, open incision. Today, this technique has been improved and refined for laparoscopic appendectomy by Florida Hospital’s elite surgical staff. Their pioneering method has further reduced the number of incisions, reducing pain, scarring and recovery time for our patients.  Make an appointment with our surgical specialists today or request a second opinion.

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Many times, appendectomy is an emergency procedure to remove an infected appendix before or after it ruptures. Appendicitis is a life-threatening condition that can occur only a day or two after the patient feels symptoms. Doctors may recommend surgical removal of the appendix when patients begin having symptoms to remove the organ before it ruptures.
Florida Hospital provides both open surgery and the minimally invasive appendectomy for qualified patients. During open surgery, doctors make a 3-5 inch  incision on the abdomen to remove the appendix. Laparoscopic appendectomy, the minimally invasive procedure, uses three small incisions (1 inch) and specialized tools to perform the surgery with reduced trauma to the body and risks to the patient.
Both open and laparoscopic appendectomy are usually performed as emergency procedures. Florida Hospital’s world-renowned team of specialists evaluates the specific needs of the patient. Then the surgeons and doctors will work with patients to determine the best procedure and treatment plan.
If you experience symptoms of appendicitis, seek emergency medical care immediately.

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