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Senior Care Services

Comprehensive Aging Assessment Center

Age, as they say, may be just a number, but at Florida Hospital Apopka we understand the special needs that aging adults often have, and we’re here to help. The Comprehensive Aging Assessment Center is committed to and passionate about offering comprehensive, compassionate care to patients by delivering services specially tailored to the unique wellness and health care needs of this population in our community.  
We’re here to provide our patients with peace of mind and additional information to improve their overall well-being. To accomplish this goal, we perform several assessments and evaluations, including: 
  • Functional status, memory, polypharmacy and follow-up evaluations
  • Mobility and social needs assessments
  • Incontinence, vision, hearing, depression and nutrition screenings
  • Advanced directives
Led by a fellowship-trained, board-certified physician who specializes in geriatric care, we offer in-depth diagnostic and medical information to our patients’ primary care physicians, as well as rehabilitation, medical counseling, nutritional screenings and other lifestyle recommendations that can improve our patients’ quality of life. 
Our program, which emphasizes whole-person wellness of mind, body and spirit, is the only one of its kind at a Florida Hospital facility in our area. The team at the Comprehensive Aging Assessment Center comes from a number of different disciplines, including our geriatric physician, a pharmacist, a personal trainer and a geriatric social worker. No matter your needs, our team is passionate about working with you to ensure you have the best quality of life possible. 


If you (or your loved one) answers yes to any of the following question, you (or he or she) may be considered an “at-risk” adult—exactly the kind of patient the Comprehensive Aging Assessment Center at Florida Hospital Apopka was created to help. 
  • Has my memory deteriorated in the last year?
  • Am I having hearing and/or vision problems?
  • Have I suffered from mood swings or depression in the last year?
  • Do I take five or more medications including over-the-counter medications?
  • Have I fallen or lost my balance in the last year? 
  • Have I experienced increasing bladder or colon-control issues such as incontinence or constipation?
  • Has a physician diagnosed me with delirium or dementia?
If you or your loved one answered yes to one or more of these questions, contact the Comprehensive Aging Assessment Center today by calling us at (407) 889-1000.